Nelson City Council now processing in GoGet

Nelson StepsBuilding staff are now up and running with processing building consents in GoGet.

During June 2014, Nelson City Council completed its user acceptance testing of GoGet Processing. Following training for building staff, the Council went live with processing building consents.

All documentation relating to a building consent is scanned and processing staff work with electronic versions of documents. Staff in the different locations within Council that need to review the building consent can now perform their processing tasks simultaneously in GoGet.

Where further information is needed from the applicant, GoGet responds to the identified requests for information and automatically generates a letter giving full details of the requirements. At the same time, GoGet sends a status to NCS MagiQ to stop the processing clock until this information is received.

GoGet keeps track of where building consents are, both in terms of who is handling them and how long they are taking to process. Members of staff have the benefit of colour coding to show them the age of a consent. The colours go from green (early days in the processing cycle), through orange, to red when they come close to the 20 day timeline.

Nelson City Council is expecting to shorten the time it takes to process consents. It may also look at the other areas of GoGet, the inspections and scheduling, once the processing is bedded in.

We wish them well and remind them, and all our clients, that we are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for support if they need us.

User Guides

User guide cover sheetAll the user guides for the various parts of the GoGet system are available on our website. You can take advantage of using the online version or you can download a PDF version of the user guide.

Use an online version of a user guide

Create a bookmark for the web page that shows the particular user guide you want. That will ensure you have quick and easy access to it. Browse through the online user guides using the Contents tab on the left of the screen. Alternatively, use the Index or Search tabs and go directly to the part of the user guide you require.

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Electronic inspections in the Wanganui District

The people of Wanganui will now have their building inspections recorded electronically.

Wanganui District Council staff members are booking inspections using GoGet Scheduler.  Inspectors are downloading the consent details and completing their inspections on their tablet PCs using GoGet Mobile.  Congratulations team!

The next step for Wanganui will be to implement the processing of building consents. However, inspectors agree that they need to allow time to ensure they are all comfortable with inspections and bookings before they embark on the next phase.

We will be ready to help them get their processing up and running when they decide the time is right.