Our Team

Our team at MBS have a range of complimentary skills and are led by our Chief Executive Officer, David Webb.


silhouette-male-grey-mdDavid Webb
Chief Executive Officer






LCB_GoGet_ArticleLaurence Bevan
GoGet Design & Development
+64 27 22 88 737

After many years as a programmer and Information Technology Manager, Laurence started Master Business Systems in 1995 and provided IT Contracting and programming services.

Laurence, as well as leading the MBS team, is heavily involved in the programming and direction of the GoGet range of products and services.

Information technology, new devices and gadgets are never far from Laurence, and amongst his staff there is admiration for his extensive video card collection.



MBS_CWChris Wiley
Information Services Manager
+64 27 22 88 117

Chris has been working in the IT industry for over 29 years, particularly with Local and National Government in the UK and New Zealand.

Chris has responsibility for the Information Technology Service delivery for a number of organizations in the Manawatu-Wanganui region as well as providing contract IT Management services to Tararua District Council.

Chris is a family man, recently becoming a Granddad for the first time. Being a Pom, he is interested in any, and all World domination opportunities.



MBS_RH1Ron Hanson
Quality Assurance Manager
+64 21 27 27 397

Ron joined Master Business Systems in 2003 after having previously owned a sales and service company associated with the building industry.

He has been involved with the GoGet product from its earliest beginnings and his key roles are in the Sales and Support of the GoGet product to our client base.

Certainly it would be a very rare occasion for Ron to be found anywhere near a Holden. Definitely in the Ford camp.



BR_MBSBlair Rogers

GIS Services
UAV/RPAS Operator
GoRugby Database
+64 27 22 88 118

Blair has had a long involvement in the Spatial Intelligence Industry dating back to his first use of GIS products in 1994 whilst on a University placement. Always fascinated by maps and an early user of computers in the mid 1980s, the rise of GIS as a way to arrange information provided a career changing direction whilst completing his Masters degree from Massey University.

Blair takes responsibility for the GoGet Compliance project that is underway within the company, as well as providing contract GIS services to clients.

He’s been working with Laurence Bevan since 1998, enjoying the collegial nature of the company as it has grown. Away from work, Blair likes to spend time at the beach house, kayaking and playing cricket when he can.



MBS_AWAndrew Winchcombe
GoGet Support
+64 27 52 31 822

Andrew comes from a background of working in the construction industry. Starting out in 1982 as a builder, then moving on to become a building inspector with Manukau City Council in 2002.

Andrew’s working with computers as a hobby since 1989, provided a foundation for him to become Manukau’s Subject Matter Expert for MBS GoGet software, that Manukau implemented in 2007. Andrew moved across to MBS in April 2013 where he is now responsible for GoGet software testing and support.

Outside work, Andrew enjoys time with his family and creating things, whether it be music, furniture or new gadgets on his home made 3D printer.



MBS_TATahari Alaluku
.Net Development/Database Administration
+64 27 22 88 147

Tahari loves programming, loves databases, loves professionalism, and most of all loves having fun. He’s been working with Microsoft technologies since he completed his degree in Bachelor of Business Studies (Information Systems) in 2001. He develops windows and web applications with C# and VB.NET, and does a lot of work with SQL Server and Reporting Services. Lately he’s been learning Objective C to branch out to iOS app development as well.

Tahari was involved with a major system implementation for one of our clients and continues to work on various development projects and provide database admin for them, while also preparing to bring GoGet to other mobile platforms.

Tahari is into spending time with his daughters, playing cricket, golf and the piano.



MBS_CJColin (CJ) Leighton
GoGet/.Net Development
+64  6 323 9483

I have always been interested in computing, and went to UCOL to gain a Bachelors Degree in Information Communications Technology.

Whilst at UCOL I completed my Industry Project with Master Business Systems and following graduation joined MBS in January 2011. I currently work as a .NET Developer and provide a level of technical support.

When I’m not at the computer I spend my time playing Football (Soccer) for Takaro Football Club.



MBS_JSJeremy Savell
Web Services
+64 27 33 32 003

Jeremy has been a web developer for over 10 years, with dynamic content, CMS and database integration a feature during that time. A strong background in graphics and image processing assists with the core function of creating and modifying web code. Since taking an interest in writing games on the family Commodore 64, the progression into the IT industry was a natural one.

His current responsibility is supporting Manawatu District Council and Tararua District Council’s website administration and the ongoing development of new features.

Jeremy has been working for Master Business Systems since 2002, learning on the job and appreciating the relatively relaxed nature of the company. After hours he enjoys all kinds of gaming, along with speedway, soccer and cricket.



MBS_PNPenny Edwards
Business Analyst / Trainer
+64 27 76 09 002

Penny provides the GoGet software training to ensure users can operate the system effectively. She is responsible for all the documentation and user guides.

She has been providing software training for a range of different types of software over the years. She is currently working in a software trainer, administrator, business analyst and IT support role.

Penny lives on a lifestyle property and enjoys spending her spare time with her husband, two boys and the farm animals.



silhouette-female-grey-mdBarbara Thacker
Business Analyst

Barbara has a background in computer training with a focus on Microsoft Office products.

Her current role as a Business Analyst involves process mapping and writing process guides. In addition, she learns new software purchased by Council in order to provide training and ongoing support to Council staff.

Barbara has a keen interest in Ballroom and Latin American dancing and competes at a National level.



MBS_BBBrenda Balmer
Business Analyst / Project Management
+64 21 102 6494

Brenda has extensive Local Government experience in a range of roles ensuring data integrity and process mapping. She was instrumental in implementing several Ozone modules and developing Manawatu District Council’s road naming and property numbering policies and procedures, that have been recognised by Land Information New Zealand.

At MBS, Brenda is one of our Business Analysts and manages the implementation and project management of new GoGet installations, and scopes new mobile modules.

She holds the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Certification.

Brenda lives with her husband in Feilding and tries to pass on her green thumb passion, healthy eating and delicious recipes to us all.



MBS_BSBryan Senior
IT Management / Database Administration

Bryan has worked in the IT industry for over 15 years, starting on a front line helpdesk support before moving into development, then into the business intelligence and data migration roles. From there he has moved into database administration roles, creating data warehouses and reporting servers and ensuring the data was available in a timely fashion.

In January of 2011, Bryan joined MBS as a database administrator at the Manawatu District Council, to help with the workload there.

When not working, he enjoys studying fitness ideas, going on crazy mud runs (completing the Tough Mudder this year) and generally trying to share his passion for fitness with as many people as possible. He takes a few fitness classes for the employees of MDC and can usually be seen heading out for runs at lunchtime or taking on crazy fitness challenges.



MBS_DCDaniel Chick
Database Administration

Dan made his transition into the IT world when he enrolled in a single IT paper.  The pure enjoyment that single paper provided was all it took for him to trade in his environmental chemistry career for one in the IT world.

After graduating in 2013, Dan became part of MBS and has never looked back. Daniel takes responsibility for the administration of data within a local government site while providing business intelligence services, integration services and some mobile development.

Dan enjoys Curry Wednesdays, diving and spending time with his family.



MBS_LPLuke Pringle
Network/System Administration

Luke has always been interested in computers, and gadgets.

As a System Administrator he enjoys finding out how things work and using technology to make tasks easier and more convenient.

During his spare time, he likes hating on denim, watching TV while using a tablet, and sarcasm. His keen disinterest in sport shows his commitment and unrelenting passion for playing musical instruments badly.

Yes that is a 4 year old Luke in KITT from the Knight Rider TV show. Sadly no Hoff.



silhouette-male-grey-mdAaron Williams
IT Support







silhouette-male-grey-mdTom Clarke
IT Support

Tom has spent over ten years in the telecommunications field ranging from retails sales to customized hardware development and assembly to technical support. During this time he discovered how much he enjoyed solving customer IT problems, which lead to his career path change and into the technical support area.

Tom’s diverse range of prior experience has allowed him to transition comfortably into a technical role with Master Business Systems where he has provided IT support for Manawatu District Council since 2011.

After hours Tom enjoys spending time with family and friends and is passionate about keeping fit. He is currently involved in box fit and competes in fun/mud runs.



Bruce McKayBruce McKay
Systems and Network Administrator

Bruce has completed a Bachelor Degree in Information Systems (2003) from the Southern Institute of Technology and holds a FCNSA (FortiGate Network Security Admin) Cert. He is currently working on certificates in Cisco and VMware.

His role within the company is as a Systems and Network Administrator working on location at the Manawatu District Council.

Outside work, Bruce likes to pilot radio controlled aircraft in the weekend, particularly if the weather is good and the wind is under 15 km/h. Among his collection are gliders, electric and methanol/nitro powered aircraft. His advice on radio control aircraft – “try not to crash too often, gets expensive!”



Anthony Johansen
Support Manager
+64 27 41 30 503

Anthony has been working in the IT Industry in New Zealand and the UK for over 15 years in various roles such as Helpdesk Support, Systems and Network Administration and Design and ICT Team Leadership. His career grew from a hobby of building and overclocking computers.

Anthony currently holds multiple industry qualifications and certifications in IT Systems and is a Certified Technologist (NZ166725) and Full Member of the New Zealand Institute of IT Professionals.

Outside work, Anthony enjoys spending time with his family and friends, playing a casual round of golf, making his cars go faster and as it has always been – building and overclocking computers.



Daniel Sanders
Sharepoint Specialist

Dan loves SharePoint and has worked on various versions (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, BPOS and O365) since 2008.
He has setup and configured multiple SharePoint farms, administered Site Collections and likes to automate business processes through SharePoint lists and workflow.

You can see examples of some of this work on his blog: www.sanders.nz

Dan also set up and facilitates the local Manawatu SharePoint/Office365 User Group hosted on Meetup: https://goo.gl/utxh4K

Dan completed a Bachelor of Information Science at Massey University and holds certifications in both SharePoint and Office365

Dan also loves motorbikes, long-boarding, dogs, geocaching and exploring the region with his wife and kids.




silhouette-male-grey-mdDr. Gareth S. Bestor
Software Architect