New Customer Update

GoGet Clients

GoGet Clients

A range of new customers using MBS GoGet have come on board this year, adding to our great range of existing clients using the GoGet software.

The past year has been a busy one for staff of Master Business Systems as they have installed the software, integrated to the client’s corporate system and trained their staff to use the GoGet system.

New client sites added this year include South Taranaki District, Stratford District, Wairoa District, Masterton District, Kapiti Coast District, Waimakariri District, and Porirua City.

We have signed agreements with Central Hawke’s Bay District, Carterton District and Upper Hutt City to implement GoGet into these local authorities over the next few months.

We are  in negotiation with a number of other local authorities about their uptake of GoGet as their Building Consent solution

The year has also seen the introduction of GoBuild – an app for your phone to allow builders to easily book an appointment for a building inspector – the app and it’s ease of use is gaining favourable feedback from those in the trades.

Wairoa District Council has started using the GoFetch and GoRoam animal control applications and coupled with integration back into their corporate GIS viewer are already benefiting from how easy it is to combine multiple data sources into a comprehensive view on their animal control functions.

Continued improvements and development are ongoing across the full range of products and we are always receptive to our users suggestions and feedback to any of our products.

An exciting year underway

Happy New Year! We are really very focused on 2015 being a successful year for MBS as we look to support our existing client network, gain the trust of new clients and provide added functionality and efficiency with our developing app range to compliment our GoGet solution.

Hawera Water Tower, South Taranaki

An early milestone for 2015 will be the South Taranaki District Council going live with MBS GoGet for their building inspection team. We are in the final stages of integration and installation there, and following some staff training we will have another New Zealand Local Authority up and using the system.

After the South Taranaki District Council go live date, we will then be installing the GoGet solution into the following authorities:-

  1. Stratford District Council
  2. Upper Hutt District Council
  3. Kapiti Coast District Council
  4. Wairoa District Council

Negotiations are progressing with three other councils and hope to be able to announce these shortly.

Mobile Apps

On the app side, which we are finding to be an exciting area, we have a couple of clients testing our GoBuild and GoFetch apps with their teams. Read more