New Plymouth District moves to electronic inspections

NPDC_OfficeGoGet Scheduler and GoGet Mobile are now the tools of trade in the New Plymouth district.

With the installation of GoGet Scheduler, the people can book their building inspections with Council’s Call Centre staff and be advised of the time of the inspection when they book. Staff in the Building Administration area are using the functionality within GoGet Scheduler to ensure optimum efficiency of the inspection team.

The building inspectors are using tablet devices coupled with GoGet Mobile software to complete their on-site inspections. Whilst they are still taking some paperwork out on site – during the transition phase – paper will soon be a thing of the past. All the information they need relating to the building consent will be on their tablets.

Builders are receiving their site notices electronically where they have email access. The data resulting from the on-site building inspections is synchronised  by a click of a button with Council’s TechnologyOne system and Council’s file system.

The staff involved in the training and implementation had a wonderful attitude towards using GoGet and were a fantastic group with which to work. Members of the MBS team will be back to do a follow up and see how it is all going in about a month’s time.