GoGet CaptureThe MBS GoGet software suite is a management and mobile data capture package designed for territorial local authorities. GoGet integrates to your back-end system and merges spatial and corporate data, allowing that data to be utilised in the field for data collection using standard mobile devices. All data capture is subsequently updated back into your corporate database and optionally GIS systems. GoGet was designed to be modular and easily customised to suit any specific purpose.

The components of the MBS GoGet system have been specifically designed for non-technical users, and updating of captured data into the back-end system is completely automatic and administration-free.

The MBS GoGet modules will eventually cover all of the regulatory functions that a local authority is involved in. Current modules available are:

  • Building Consents – manages processing, scheduling and inspections from lodgement to CCC stage
  • Building Warrant of Fitness – from reminder to renewal
  • Registers – tidy up all of the adhoc registers an authority has sitting in Excel spreadsheets and Access databases

Some of the features of the MBS GoGet suite are:

  • Manage your team inspections with the GoGet Scheduler. Includes Outlook integration.
  • Easy to use GoGet Scheduler prepares inspection records and loads onto the device.
  • Utilises industry standard mapping formats.
  • Profile based – once a profile has been created, any non-technical user can operate the system, and use it over and over again.
  • Simple map navigation and selection tools – zoom in/out, and map panning.
  • Easy selection of inspection from daily work schedule.
  • Customisable checklists and forms allow a variety of information to be captured.
  • Take photos with the mobile device and GoGet automatically associates it with the inspection subject.
  • GoGet can work in a disconnected mode which requires no internet connection, and/or connected mode which enables the user to load and update directly from the field or remote site.