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GoGet suite is the market leading end-to-end building consent software package. Since 2004 it has allowed many local authorities in New Zealand to electronically process and manage building consent applications, schedule inspection bookings and capture inspection results on portable devices. Recent additions include online building consent lodgement and a free mobile app which allows customers to book their own inspections.

GoGet seamlessly integrates with all major enterprise software systems used by New Zealand local authorities, and also integrates with the most commonly-used document management systems. Installations are tailored to each council's requirements allowing for the greatest flexibility and efficiency.

To learn more about GoGet or for release notes and support, visit www.goget.co.nz. For any other queries, please contact us.


Master Business System's latest product - GoMobile - offers an end-to-end solution for capturing all types of regulatory inspections. It provides a cross-platform, offline-capable mobile inspection tool. It also includes a hosted service for managing arbitrary asset data and maintaining a comprehensive history of inspection results, together with a fully-featured scheduling tool for booking inspections and managing inspectors' work calendars.

With GoMobile inspections, users can define custom forms to cover any type of desired inspection, using a web-based form-builder. These forms can contain smart logic to show or hide multiple questions depending on whether they are still relevant in response to previous responses. Forms can also perform arbitrarily complex calculations to display provisional results while the form is being filled in. Each inspection loaded on the mobile device includes all previous inspection history and results, together with any associated reference documentation, so inspectors have all relevant data available to them in the field, even when they are offline.

To learn more about GoMobile, visit www.gomobile.co.nz. For any other queries, please contact us.