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Managed IT Services

We offer a range of IT support services to help your organisation achieve its goals and function as it should. From a completely managed IT department, on-site desktop user support to network and server maintenance, we have the experienced staff to provide any service you require.

To find out how we can tailor an IT support package for your organisation, please contact us.


We offer a range of consultancy services to help councils navigate the challenges of digital transformation, process optimisation, and software know-how. Whether your council requires an experienced consultant to assist with digitising your entire end-to-end consents process, advice on tuning existing systems to maximise efficiency, or knowledge of new solutions, Master Business Systems has the experience needed to help get the job done.

Our consultants use collaborative workshops to discover your needs, then combine analytical thinking and experience to transform that knowledge into actionable guidance. The informational resources delivered to your organisation are clear and understandable, ensuring your organisation can quickly interpret the landscape and the actions required to achieve specific outcomes.

To learn more about how our consultancy services can help your organisation achieve its goals, please contact us.


Our training services can equip your staff with the skills and knowledge they require to achieve outcomes critical to individual roles. Combining software expertise with council-specific experience, our trainers deliver the complete breadth of software and council process knowledge that your staff need to begin working with clarity and confidence.

Offering a range of flexible learning approaches, our trainers construct customised training plans to serve your organisation's specific needs, and deliver them using a learning style best suited to your staff.

To learn more about how our training services can help staff leverage technology to support your processes, please contact us.

Integration Experts

Between our GoGet software package and on-site developers creating custom solutions for customers, we have vast experience integrating with most of the popular Enterprise software and Document Management Systems in local government today.

To find out how we can help solve your integration problems, please contact us.